‘My Melina’ the series Part 1

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It was on a Tuesday night, I remember it like it were yesterday. I was walking down the streets to my rented house just then I came across a sweet looking lady in an all-white outfit. Figure – check, beauty – check, smile – check, brighter than the sun. I couldn’t resist the beautiful smile so I decided to say Hi. Her voice was sweet. Her name was Melina. I don’t know if it was the beauty in her that confused my tongue but I found myself inviting her to dinner.

She asked for my name, I told her Jack.

Melina and I walked down to my place telling stories and, in the process, she mentioned she had come to Surprise her sister who lives in the same estate but she found the sister had moved out and her phone was off. Like a gentleman, I extended my hospitality, I told her she could spend the night at my place. I was exhausted from work but nevertheless, I prepared dinner for us and we shared the meal talking like people who knew each other for decades. After dinner, Melina went for a shower and I was left washing the utensils we had used since I hate a dirty kitchen. Later on, I showed her to her room and since the following day I was on the morning shift, I retired to bed. I could not help but drown my mind in fantasies about Melina, by now any normal man would be burning down with feelings.

I am a man who respects women so I just did not do what many men would. Early the next day I woke up, made breakfast and wrote her a note because I felt it unfair to wake her. I barely knew her 2nd name but already I trusted her with my house. My shift ended at 3 o’clock, I came straight home and there she was, in a booty-short and one of my long T-shirts, sitting at my house’s balcony on the 5th floor, the balcony had a clear view of town. She had made the house neat, just like a responsible lady would. Devil is a liar, she was too good for me to think twice, any man would want such a lady for a wife. To cut the long story short, the stranger became my girlfriend and she kept me so occupied that I forgot she had come to visit her sister. I would go to work, come back later to the house, play around, chase each other and at times go out for dinner together, she was a dream come true. This went on for a couple of weeks then I got my annual leave from work and so I decided to ask my Melina that we go meet her family, to know where she came from. At first, she was not okay with it but am stubborn, so she gave in and we set a date, Saturday of the following week. I told her to call home and tell her family to expect us but she managed to convince me to let it be a surprise. I now had full days with my Melina, we would do crazy stuff like hikes together, in short Melina was the best, little did I know, if the deal is too good to think twice.


was finally here, so we got ready for the journey. We took a bus and four hours later we arrived at her home stage. Melina alighted the bus before I did since I had to pick the bag I had carried gifts for her family in. On alighting, I could not locate Melina, so I decided to ask around if someone had seen her. Everyone I asked just stared and walked away. I got puzzled, ‘how do you ask for someone in her hometown and all you get is a weird stare?’ I wondered.

I then met a man whose name I don’t recall.

“Excuse me, sir, my name is Jack, I am looking for a lady by the name Melina from around here, she is my height to the shoulders, beautiful smile, she has a chocolate complexion, and a tattoo on her left arm.” I started.

“Are you talking about Melina Dwayne?” He asked.

It then struck me, I had never asked for her full names, I just knew Melina.

“Am not sure of the surname Sir but I have her picture on my phone… here,” I said. On pulling my phone out of my pocket, I realized that I had no recent picture of Melina, just a picture of her in a red dress she had sent to my phone and told me it was taken 4 years ago.

“Yes, that’s Melina Dwayne, she is my cousin, I know her.” He said after looking keenly into the photo.

I was relieved that he was going to help me find her. Just then, before I could say a thing, his tone changed and so did his face.

“She died 3 years ago,” he said.

“Excuse me, sir, Melina is dead? I asked. “Yes, today marks her 3rd anniversary,”

He said. I fainted.

After a couple of hours being unconscious, I came around and found myself in a dark room. I could not help but think of Melina, I loved Melina so madly.

What I could not understand was how she could be dead and alive at the same time. While lost in my thoughts, I heard the door open, a well-built and fairly tall man walked in.

“Finally, you are awake!” He bellowed.

“How long have I been out?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“You were unconscious for 3 hours.”

“Three Hours???!” I couldn’t believe it.

“Yes, I took you and administered some first aid. I understand you are looking for Melina, how do you know her?” He asked.

“Sir, Melina is my love, I met her some months back and we fell in love when we came to visit her family, she alighted from the bus, and I couldn’t trace her,” I replied. He gazed back.

“Take a nap you really need to rest.” And he set off for the door.

“What’s your name, sir?” I managed to ask before he was out of sight.

“Max, my name is Max,” he said and smiled.

“Thank you, Max, for picking up when I lost consciousness,” I replied.

Max then walked out of the room and there I was staring at the roof. I could see Melina’s image all over the room. The big question was, If Melina was dead, how was it possible I could feel her in my arms? My questions went unanswered.

About an hour later, Max came back with a trolley, he had brought me some food. All my appetite was gone, but he made me eat anyway. He gave me chicken with a sweet and sour sauce, exactly the last meal Melina and I had before she disappeared. Every bite I took reminded me of the fun we had together, her sweet kisses and her convincing smile, a memory that made me really weak. I managed to finish the meal but after almost an hour of eating. I needed a bath so I called Max who showed me to the shower, where I spent a decade, as I listened to the rhythm of my heartbeat, how I wished the shower would wash away the memories of Melina but it just remained a horse I wouldn’t ride. Eventually, I was out of the shower and back to “My Room”, the room I had woken up in. Just as I finished oiling my body, (Max had provided everything I required), I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and then went to answer the knock. I didn’t believe my eyes, there she was, Melina, in a red dress.

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