Happy new year family!


Throughout my writing, I’ve preferred to do my writing in silence, just the voice of my breathing and the clatter of the keyboard as I punch each vowel. I could tolerate the occasional banging of a door, but anything more than one would make me clench a fist. A lot has changed, however, in the past year, and I can say I’ve been through some major metamorphosis.

When I wrote my first post for this site, the first part of the two-part ‘Mama Mercy’, procrastination had caught up with tiny me, and I had to do the last few paragraphs as we drove to the village. If you read carefully I bet you can feel an emergency bump we rammed into somewhere close to the spiral climbs of Murang’a.

Another notable post I did in extremes was Anonymous. I know it sounds calm, but my neighbor had just bought himself an Ampex subwoofer and you know how these millennials are.

Kukhu took me back to my calm writing past since I did it in serenity, a silence only punctuated by the distant barking of a dog, the croaking of a sleepy frog and the occasional peaceful rattle of the chickens.

Tonight, as I await the new year, I will write this listening to some Pentatonix tunes.

I would go on and on about the conditions in which I wrote each post (how could I forget?), but you are too merry ushering in the new year to care, right?

I started this blog 12 months ago, meaning we are celebrating our first anniversary, and I can say it has been nothing less than a blessing. I’ve had a number of experimental posts, such as The Split Second and The Sofa, posts which I had sworn to pull down the moment they got negative feedback. They are still up, so yes, you people gave them the thumbs up.

Along the way, people have asked me about the authenticity of my posts, and I can now smile and talk of the excitement, the heartbreak, the near-tear experiences, the blood rush and the priceless smiles I had with people I interviewed for four of the closest posts to my heart.

I remember the build up to the story The School Atop A Hill, the turmoil as I walked into the staffroom at Kambui School for the deaf, as I sat on the wooden chair, fidgeting like an adolescent in the principle’s office. I remember my mind going blank as I embarked on my questions, the thin sweat in my armpits as I made up stories to calm my mind.

A butterfly With The Teal Ribbon is the interview which really changed me and taught me how to always keep a straight face. It taught me that everyone has a story to tell, and everyone around us is fighting a battle unknown to us.

Call me Melissa has to be one very emotional interview I ever did. My head rang for days, and I had to postpone the posting until Melissa almost got angry with me. I pick the positives, I learned so much from that interview on matters HIV/AIDS.

I will mention Happiness, as a very important post, which i will forever smile for getting the guts to write it down. It was a post I did revolving around a very sensitive topic to me – depression.

For the first few posts, I used to write, read, re-read, then post, read again, make edits and then share. We writers are terrible editors by the way! Sometimes we feel like correcting ourselves is the dumbest thing ever. Along the way, someone who knows someone shared my post somewhere, and boy that post was whack! It has since been edited, so don’t go back checking.

To cut the story short, a lady offered to be doing the editing. Yes, Eve came as a breath of fresh air, and I thought her job would just be checking on those tiny hidden grammatical errors and picking them out like pieces of chicken in teeth. On the first post I sent her, the feedback had one thing standing out – ‘Steve, we have a lot of work to do’.
I can say it has been a learning curve for me, Eve has been very patient, something I really needed. She taught me to give my readers fewer but better content, something that has helped me improve. It came as a surprise when she offered to do a guest post,Growing Up, and requested that I do the editing for her. That was deep.

For believing in my ability, for your sacrifice, – Thank you Eve!

We are not perfect though, there are a few slips that will go through the sieve, and we think those are the imperfections that really make us all perfect.

Sorry Eve, I decided not to ruin your holidays, so I will write this and edit it, and you can laugh at me roasting myself. Consider it a happy holidays giggle package.

Tuketi is still a work in progress, as a writer I admit I have a lot to improve on, but with the kind of support I have received in the past year, things can only go North. I still have a guest category “The Lounge”. If you want to be part of this dream, and believe you can offer some good pieces, or you want to grow with us, shoot me an email.

There is so much on my desk that I have to deliver in the new year, so let’s all fasten our seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

For those who let us interview them, we will keep praying that God rewards you for us. We are deeply indebted for accepting to confide in us even in our young age. You will always be a part of tuketi.

Now as we turn to 2019, we have a small gift to our family, friends, and above all, beautiful readers.

“For being part of our 2018, for being part of the inception and teething period of our blog – Asante.
2019 beckons, and we can always wish for better spoils. If there is something we have learned in life, is that it always gives us a second Chance. So what, you have made bad decisions in the past year. You have broken ties which you wish restored? Take the chance coming your way! Let us be better people.
Let us build ourselves, Build our families, Build our friends, Build our country, Build our enemies.. and above all – PRAY FOR ALL.
A happy new year 2019 to you and your Loved ones! “

Happy 1st Anniversary to US.

Happy Holidays from John, Evelyn, and Wamugi!

Wamugi Gichuri

Wageni Githung’a

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