Before you ask, no, I haven’t watched the movie. I don’t know if I ever will so let’s drop it. And just so we’re clear, I’m talking about men, the movie is about boys. So, this is a letter. From me to all these men.The men I’ve shamelessly taken to bed every single time my […]

I’m not a lady.I’m a woman.Call me a woman. Growing up I was, as was every female I know, taught to behave a certain way. To sit this way and walk that way. To talk that way and to eat this way. I was told to be a lady. “Why?” I asked. “Why can’t I […]

From three villages, down a series of slopes, the women come down, singing and ululating. Atop their heads are sisal baskets, others carry metal tins, old enough to have the writings on their ribs rubbed off. They walk in a file, laughing and gossiping. It is early, and the sun is lazily crawling out of […]