I wasn’t innocent. No one ever is at that age. And the advantage of the age of ten is that no one suspects you are the devil’s errand kid. Not unless you let it get to you and decide to scream about it. At ten years old you are at the perfect stage of character […]

At the slopes, there is a village, a very shy village that is watched over by the tall ranges of the Aberdares. The village is Mathome, and in mathome is a young boy called Kago, and his papa, Mugo. Kago has just finished his primary school studies, and his father, Mugo, is excited, not because of […]

           “Let me tell you, duck meat is the deal.” “Nope. Chicken meat is the thing.” “You’re saying that because you haven’t tasted a goose.”  I chipped in and maintained that beef was in fact the deal. This conversation was with my sister and two other people who hold no importance.  “Of course we  know […]