The slopes has a number of careers, people who make money from the people of the slopes, as opposed to just waiting on the bonus from picking tea. One of these interesting career people is the mole-catcher, a funny character. Mwaura is his name. Mwaura is a childhood friend to Mugo. They were brought up […]

It’s 9.17pm. I’m sitting in a home-bound matatu, waiting for it to fill up. I’m at the window seat behind the driver. I prefer it because I get to watch people outside and makeup stories about their lives. A slim, tired looking man gets in and takes the seat oppositeĀ  mine. He’s wearing shiny shoes […]

In the slopes, visitors are considered a river, that they come and go. People love having visitors in their homesteads, regardless of what they have to offer. There however is always a limitation to this, like in any other village, not all guests are good guests. Whenever people want to show directions to their home […]