From three villages, down a series of slopes, the women come down, singing and ululating. Atop their heads are sisal baskets, others carry metal tins, old enough to have the writings on their ribs rubbed off. They walk in a file, laughing and gossiping. It is early, and the sun is lazily crawling out of […]

In no way is this a Hekaya. I figure am too young to write Hekayas. Hekayas are written by fattened old men and women enjoying their pension from the Teachers Service Commission. These are the only people who will have time to write about a zebra’s stripes. The closest I can go to writing about […]

So, where were we? If you are just joining us, this is a continuation of the story we did a week ago, which you can find here Deathrow Love … 1. I would have started by telling you all about a beautiful book am reading by Mark Manson, but I know you are a bunch […]

Imagine, you are working in peace, like your fellow countrymen, only that you are working inside a state maximum-security prison. The day ends, and you put your stuff together and make for the gate. Your name is Mercy, Mercy Mueni. Mercy Mueni sounds like an innocent lady, and you are an innocent lady, going about […]

A short disclaimer, about the title of this post, it is one of the most respectful and endearing ways for us in the village below the slopes to greet our old ladies. Not just our biological mothers, but any lady older than us, respectful enough to be our mothers. If you wish to steal one […]

Howdy! It’s Christmas morning, and everyone is happy, hopefully. Our hugs go out to those not so happy out there, those still languishing in the teeth of heartless 2020. To those who have lost loved ones to this shitty pandemic. (A moment’s pause). Every family has its a tradition about Christmas. There are those who […]