From three villages, down a series of slopes, the women come down, singing and ululating. Atop their heads are sisal baskets, others carry metal tins, old enough to have the writings on their ribs rubbed off. They walk in a file, laughing and gossiping. It is early, and the sun is lazily crawling out of […]

Imagine, you are working in peace, like your fellow countrymen, only that you are working inside a state maximum-security prison. The day ends, and you put your stuff together and make for the gate. Your name is Mercy, Mercy Mueni. Mercy Mueni sounds like an innocent lady, and you are an innocent lady, going about […]

A short disclaimer, about the title of this post, it is one of the most respectful and endearing ways for us in the village below the slopes to greet our old ladies. Not just our biological mothers, but any lady older than us, respectful enough to be our mothers. If you wish to steal one […]

Am African, and being African is part of me. I would hope that my readers don’t read this post on a chauvinistic point of view because I believe we are good people who were brought up well. When I was young, I really looked up to the men in my life. My old man, my […]

I couldn’t brag as among the best readers in town, but damn, a good book can get me locked up in the house big time. I’m among the minority who ask, ‘do they have a book for that?’ whenever a good movie comes out. Yes, I believe a book helps you get into the plot […]

She sat near the window at the maternity ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital, admiring the other mothers breastfeed and sing sweet rhythms to their wailing bundles of joy, and reminiscing on the downs and downs she had been through. Life was sweet to them, but not to the 13-year-old Mary, who despite having a […]